Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Riding Bike and Piper Puppy

Chloe just recently decided she was brave enough to ride her bike!! She's been on it before a few times, but this time, she got excited and has been asking to ride a lot. At first she was extremely careful and had to have all her pads on (as with times past). But this time! her attitude was so positive!

Instead of saying "I can't, I'm too scared!" she's saying "I can do this! This is fun!" We went around the Cul de sac a few times and she practiced stopping and starting.

Then she was brave enough to go on a ride on the trail with us. We took our new puppy Piper with us! tangent: Chloe just LOVES piper. Sometimes Piper loves Chloe a little too much and is too rough with her. They are ironing out the kinks, though. Chloe is learning to assert herself to Piper to get her to listen, and as Piper gets older, shes listening better and better. Chloe sais that Piper is basically like her little sister. She is always careful to put her shoes away and close her bedroom door so Piper doesn't get at her things. I'm really looking forward to watching the two of them grow up together. So: when we went on that first ride on the trail, Piper was learning to walk on a leash and Chloe was learning to ride her bike. This time, Chloe even rode without her pads on and just her helmet! A few times I pushed her down a little hill or something and she said "Mom! You are gonna freak me OUT!" I just said "Okay! be freaked out for a second, it will get better!". It seemed to help her a lot that I promised I'd be there and she could let her self be a little scared and then she'd say "That was AWESOME!" I hope to build as many of these instances as possible so she can start to notice that it's okay to be nervous or scared and push through it. I love to see her when she challenges herself.

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