Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Chloe, Love Mom.

I love you so much, my daughter! Watching you grow up is the most incredible thing ever! So often I find myself looking at you and wondering what you are going to remember about your life, friendships, family and experiences when you are older. I wonder what your cherished memories will be. Sometimes, I even sadly wonder what you'll wish had been different and I renew my conviction to try and erase those. I wonder what you'll carry with you and who it will allow you to become as a grown person. I put so much thought and love and effort into making our experiences together meaningful and poignant. I remember spending so much time with you when you were a toddler, when I didn't work all day. Things are a lot different than that now. While I think you’ve long since adjusted, I still remember having all day with you every day. It makes it hard for me to see you when I get home from work for only a short amount of time, and then again, rushing off in the mornings. By the end of the week we mostly have a collection of “eat your dinner – good night – goodbye - see you after work” and I'm missing you. Sometimes, then when we get to sit and play and connect I study you and I can just swear you grew up a bit even during the course of that one week. Your expressions and antics change and your vocabulary grows. You collect experiences and memories so fast. I remember when I could jot a few notes down each day and log all your developments. Now, I can’t begin to keep up. You grow up so fast; sometimes I think I’m missing it. I put memories in this blog for you to keep and hold. I ask for stories and tid-bits of your life when you are with Grandma or your Dad. I want to keep those for you, too. I have to admit, maybe I write and document your life so I’ll have another way to cherish you, and make sure I’m really not missing it as you grow up.
I’m so proud of you and the child you are. You are so smart and responsible and creative. You are reading so well, every time we read a new book together you impress me. I love it when you draw me pictures, too. I feel like sometimes they are a little window into you. I’m proud of you for your swimming this year! You used to be so careful and worried, you didn’t even like to get a splash on your face. Now you’re jumping in! (With your nose plugged of course!) And with your bike riding! Even though you are nervous sometimes, you are really getting in to it when you get going. You were scared about going on our first ride with your attachment bike, but by the middle, you just loved it! It is so beautiful to me when I see you so brave like that. You are getting quite the green thumb this year, too! You’ve been keeping your pretty pink plant alive so well. (I did kill it while you were away over the hot weekend – I’m sorry about that. :)) This new one will stay alive for sure! You are really good at remembering to check if it needs water. We have been going to the Veggie Patrol and you are getting so comfortable in the gardens, planting seeds and plants and watering them. I’m 31 and just now figuring out how much fun it can be to have plants and gardens. I’m so glad to be sharing that with you.
I’ll close with this: The other day we were dancing around the living room together laughing and playing, then we stood facing each other and played “mirror”. It was so special to me to stand there watching you move and smile and concentrate on our game. When it was my turn to move and your turn to follow you were so intent and trusting while following my lead. I hope, as you grow up, that you’ll always trust my lead, not just when we play a game but in life, too. And I hope that you can continue to look toward me for guidance and support. I’ll always be here, steady and loving you and doing my very very best for you.
I love you more than all the sunlight and all the raindrops.
Love, Mom.

Dear Chloe, Love d.

To my sweet Chloe, I have thought of so many things I want to tell you. There are so many I could write all day. The most important is I love you! You have always been my brightest star. You are growing so fast. Changing every time I see you. You are so funny, so smart and so beautiful. I have had the extreme blessing to see you almost every day of your life.

You and I have had some of the best times together. There is nothing I would rather do than spend time with you. You have had so many different names for me. I have been Grangy, Grams, Grandmama, Gamma and several others. I am currently Grama, no d. Sometimes I am momdadabbauntTgrama. That is my name when you forget where you are or maybe who I am. ‘giggle’. I love playing our silly little games. Miss librarian is pretty funny. You put my glasses way down my nose and then I talk in a funny voice. I love your little giggles! When I go to pick you up at school I watch for you in the pick up line. When I see you sitting on the sidewalk waiting I watch until you see me. As soon as you do, you perk up with a big smile and a happy wave. You love sitting in front of my little fake fireplace when you watch TV. Even if it is 70 degrees in the house you love to have the heat on you. When we watch Dinosaur Train you help me pronounce dinosaur names correctly. I am always amazed at how well you know how to say them.

You draw the best pictures for me. I had so many on the refrigerator. I decided to make a book of them. I picked out five of my favorite ones to frame and hang on the wall. You are such a great artist.
You are a real fashion guru too. You put together the cutest outfits. I love your freedom of style. We have spent hundreds of hours in the pool and hot tub. I bought a green bucket thing with wheels on it to carry all the toys and towels to the pool. We call it the ‘carry it chariot’. It even carries you. I can remember the first times we went to the pool. I taught you that you were safe in the water with me and you could trust me. I would never let go of you and now you swim around like a little frog. Used to be that if you got your face wet you had to get out and dry it off. The first time you jumped in over your head you loved it. I bet you did it over and over for ten minutes. You even go to the deep end now. You stand on my shoulders and let me throw you up in the air and splash into the water. You never forget anything. If I tell a story of something we did and I get even the tiniest detail wrong you let me know. There are so many wonderful memories. I can’t wait to make hundreds more with you as you grow. We have a wonderful relationship Chloe. I cherish that. It looks like this summer we will be spending a lot of time together. We are going to the zoo. We will go camping and of course more swimming. I can’t wait to see what adventures we can have! Your Uncle Chris gave you a nic name Chloe Bear. It stuck with me...

I love you Chloe Bear! Grama…no d.

Birthday Parties!

Chloe had a fabulious time turning 6. She had a special day on her birthday. She picked out the perfect outfit! So funny and cute;I'm beginning to really love her sence of style! She started the morning with Abby and went to the donut shop and toy store before school. After school the three of us went to fairhaven and Chloe painted a ceramic dinosaur. Then we went to dinner and she got a free desert because it was her birthday! She was super nice to share with us. She insisted that she didnt like whipped cream until her desert came and was covered with it. She ate all the whipped cream with her finger. While waiting for our dinner to come, she found some new and silly uses for the napkin holders. :) It was a warm day and a beautiful evening by the time we left the restaurant. We had fun making jokes and laughing at each other all the way home. We use funny voices and make up funny stories about when we all first met. Abby mighs say "When I first met your mama: She would laugh like THIS" (insert rediculiously funny sounding laugh) The sunday after her birthday her dad planned for her class from school to come to a birthday party at Jump Around Fun Zone. They had a great time playing and using the chalk board tables. When it came time to sing Josiah stood up and got everyone started.

Chloe was excited to have two birthday parties!! The following week she had a smaller family/friend party with us at Elizabeth park.
It was a nice day at the park and it was green and beautiful with springtime showing. She had three family friends to play on the kid toys with her. Cupcakes to go around. Balloons, gifts and watermellon. By the time we left the park all three of us were ready for a nice dinner together before bedtime. Chloe said just before dinner... "That was the best birthday party EVER!!"
I hope she feels that way after every birthday party she ever has.