Monday, April 25, 2011

Garden Class

We signed Chloe up for a childrens garden class. It's every saturday between now and October. We went to her first class this weekend and she got to learn about the parts of a seed. Chloe is holding her two bean seeds they passed out to demonstrate.

When the teacher asked if anyone wanted to say the names of the seed parts outloud, Chloe raised her hand. I was very proud of her for deciding to speak out to the whole group. She remembered all three parts of the seed. Each child got to plant a plant. Chloe got to plant a strawberry plant. She borrowed some gloves from a friendly mom and did a good job handling the plant gently and digging a good hole. After the hands-on planting, they had story time.

It was a beautiful day out. The class was at the childrens garden at Hovander Homestead park. Afterward we walked over to the bird section of the park and said hi to the roosters, geese, ducks, and turkeys.

The turkeys were very social, displaying their feathers and following us around. They loved the camera! I'm not sure, but I suspect that they were actually feeling threatened and were trying to chase us away, but the fence kept us safe. :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chloe Quotes

Mike: We're gonna play for a few minutes and then we're gonna clean up the house. (she wasn't listening so I asked her to repeat what I said) Chloe: When we're done playing, you're going to clean up while I watch a show. Points for cleverness anyway.
(Standing in ~18" snow that's up to her crotch) Chloe: It's a snowtastic day!
At the toy store looking at stuffed germs and bugs.
Chloe: What's this?
Mike: A maggot. Fly larva.
Chloe: Awesome!!