Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter 2011

Here is Chloe with her little easter bucket she got from my mom. It was filled with peeps and a new pair of sparkly pink shoes and goofy socks. We went to an easter egg hunt that wasn't planned very well. There were not nearly enough eggs for the kids that came and it was not very well organized at all. Chloe ended up getting one egg. She seemed really bummed, but started feeling a lot better about it when she realized that a lot of kids were going home with nothing. She was a pretty good sport. This little pose she does with her hands is funny. When she seems shy or something she does a kangaroo thing. I remember her doing it as far back as her first day of kindergarden and probabally before. She recently began swimming lessons and I saw her using her hands like this while she was walking to where her instructor told them to go. I think it's pretty cute.
Chloe had 4 visits from the easter bunny! One at her dads house, one at her grandmas house, one at home with us, and one at Kris and John's house. Here she is opening the eggs in her easter bucket at home. Chloe is still working on being grateful for her gifts, so later in the day she drew a nice thank you card for the easter bunny.

These cute bunny ears came as a gift from Kris. Chloe was so excited going to bed before easter she was putting on a show for me. These were her various bunny poses.

Chloe, Abby and I dyed easter eggs together. We each made an egg for the other two of us. They all turned out very pretty! We experimented in dunking in different colors and using a white crayon. In these pictures she is hugging the eggs that Abby and I made for her. Abby thoughtfully used the egg holder to dunk her eggs while Chloe and I used our fingers and stained our skin and nails. Chloe did a great job of layering the colors and getting very dark and vivid shades. She was patient to wait while a layer dried before she added another layer of color. Later that day we had a family movie afternoon, bath time (to play with her new bath toys from the easter bunny) and a fun easter egg hunt around the dining room and living room. It was a low key and relaxing easter day around our house.

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