Monday, May 16, 2011

Best Friends

When we moved in to our house last october, Chloe was excited to find out that a little girl her age lived next door! I was happy to find out that it was the family of a co-worker of mine.
Chloe and Kylee both have very strong personalities, so it can be amusing to see them try and work through their play time. Most of the time though, they have a lot of fun playing pet shops, polly pocket, or stuffed animals in Chloe's room, or barbies at Kylees. Chloe rides to school with Kylee in the mornings and plays next door after school. Sometimes they play in our yard and I get to capture some fun photos! It has been a pretty wet spring so far, so these days seem to be limited. When it's nice out, I try to encourage them to play outside as much as possible.

It's funny, sometimes on nice days, Abby and I are dying to get outside, and Chloe would rather be inside by herself. I give her tons of invitations and sometimes it takes a while for her to decided she wants to come outside. Last weekend or so, I was digging up some plants and reorganizing one of our flower beds, Abby was mowing the lawn and Chloe finally decided to come outside and start digging with me and playing with a couple long roots that I'd pulled out of the ground. I didn't get any photos of the afternoon, but it was really fun. No matter what else is going on, of course she would always rather play outside with some of her neighborhood friends. When she has an open afternoon, she asks me to go see if so-n-so can play. After a few minutes, if that friend wasnt home she'll turn up and ask if she can go check if someone else is home. And so it goes until she finds a playmate, or she settles on hanging out with her boring ol' moms.

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