Friday, June 3, 2011

Birthday Parties!

Chloe had a fabulious time turning 6. She had a special day on her birthday. She picked out the perfect outfit! So funny and cute;I'm beginning to really love her sence of style! She started the morning with Abby and went to the donut shop and toy store before school. After school the three of us went to fairhaven and Chloe painted a ceramic dinosaur. Then we went to dinner and she got a free desert because it was her birthday! She was super nice to share with us. She insisted that she didnt like whipped cream until her desert came and was covered with it. She ate all the whipped cream with her finger. While waiting for our dinner to come, she found some new and silly uses for the napkin holders. :) It was a warm day and a beautiful evening by the time we left the restaurant. We had fun making jokes and laughing at each other all the way home. We use funny voices and make up funny stories about when we all first met. Abby mighs say "When I first met your mama: She would laugh like THIS" (insert rediculiously funny sounding laugh) The sunday after her birthday her dad planned for her class from school to come to a birthday party at Jump Around Fun Zone. They had a great time playing and using the chalk board tables. When it came time to sing Josiah stood up and got everyone started.

Chloe was excited to have two birthday parties!! The following week she had a smaller family/friend party with us at Elizabeth park.
It was a nice day at the park and it was green and beautiful with springtime showing. She had three family friends to play on the kid toys with her. Cupcakes to go around. Balloons, gifts and watermellon. By the time we left the park all three of us were ready for a nice dinner together before bedtime. Chloe said just before dinner... "That was the best birthday party EVER!!"
I hope she feels that way after every birthday party she ever has.

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