Friday, September 3, 2010

Soccer - Summer 2010

This is what Chloe looked like on the field the day I turned in to a bonafide "Soccer Mom".  She was with Abby and My mom that day.  I was so sad to miss her last day of pre-school AND her first day of Soccer.  (I had to travel for work - the up-side was that I was in San Diego ) She spent nearly the whole time at practice picking at something on her hand. 

After she picked a hole in her skin she needed a band-aid and spent nearly the rest of practice holding her hand palm-side-up.  She did have a good time, though.  Her best friend Lily was on the same team. 

As time went on, we were not so sure how much Chloe actually liked soccer.  She always looked forward to go to soccer, and said she liked the practices better than the games.  During scrimmages and games she mostly sat down on the field and said she was too tired to play.  I mostly translated that to bored.  One game in particular her coach finally asked her if she'd rather play goalie so she didnt have to run as much.  She liked that idea and headed down the field.  While everyone else was watching the game on the other end of the field, she began inching the goal cones closer and closer to her, there-by making the goal smaller AND her job easier.  Clever kid. All the parents were chuckling at the sight of her at the end of the field proudly standing with two cones directly on either sides of her feet.  Of corse she put them back after we asked her to.  She still says she is interested in soccer though, so we'll probally give it another try and hope for a new - more engagaing coach next time. 

This was her first "throw in".  It seemed like she was always more interested in playing at the nearby park after the games than she was in the actual game.  She eneded the (mid july) season feeling good about it and asking for her next "classes" to be in swimming and ballet. 

There are no bathrooms at the park where soccer was.  So this will do.

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