Friday, September 3, 2010

"Captain Grandma"

Abby sent me these stories while I'm at work and she is spending the day with Chloe, Jacob, and her Mom.

She writes:
"We are in the car playing "pretend ages" and Chloe didn't want to give me one. She didn't want to pretend with me when she didn't know my real age. Just in case she pretended my real age. I told her I was 54. She pretended I was 20. Then she asked if I was *really* older than 20. And I said that I was. She asked me, "Abby, are you really much older than 20?" I said that I was older. And then she said, "I always thought you were younger." haha.

Now we are to get into a space ship and go to Jupiter.
The kids, me and my mom are all wearing intergalactic space bracelets to protect us on our journey to Jupiter (the store). They are calling my mom "captain grandma" "

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