Friday, September 3, 2010

Our summer in a nut-shell.

Chloe loves watermelon.  She had plenty of meals this summer eating nearly exclusively watermelon.  It's a tiny bit surprising considering the fact that watermelon is usually pretty messy.  She manages very well, though.  We spent a lot of days this summer going to small events around bellingham.  We've been to fairhaven village green, for community events, and we've been to the farmers markets a few times.  We've been to hear the concerts in Elizabeth park and have spent many days trecking from one park to another.  We like to go on adventures together and make up characters to come with us throughout the day.  She really loves to climb rocks, tree roots, and "hike". 

We especially like to find huckleberries and other berries along the trails to eat.  Sometimes we "share" with our accompanying dinosaurs, but mostly we jsut gobble them up ourselves. 
A few times we've had the lovely company of Shana and Keiani and Giada.  Chloe and Keiani love to run-run-run together. 
My mom came on some adventures with us, too.  She let Chloe borrow her visor.  I love her little berry-stained lips. Mom never missed a soccer game or practice, and always loved to come with us for the day.

We went to a couple of restraunts and got some junk food together and Chloe is always up for a birthday party - especially if there is a pinata!  She just crashed a birthday party the other day that was as the apartment clubhouse!!  She got cake and ice cream and the whole bit! 

Some days were too rainy to go outside all day.  thats how I got these pictures of Chloe turning herself into a walrus at the mall, and playing "Don't Smile" with Abby in our living room. 

Here it is September, and I'm lookin at cooler days, more rain and Kindergarten starting on the 13th!  It's been a super fun summer in Bellingham.  I'm looking forward to all the fall family activities again! 

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