Sunday, June 13, 2010

Anything is a toy

Mom has been working on unpacking boxes from when we moved.  It's been quite the process.  The fun part is when we broke down the boxes and realized how much fun they were. Well first Chloe and I had a great time kicking the boxes around the yard "breaking" them down.  We kicked and yelled and ran.  Of corse I couldn't help but turn it into a lesson on one healthy way to let out aggression and anger.  We growled and scowled at those boxes and they made loud noises and flew across the yard.  It was a nice release and Chloe got really into it. 

Then after they were all broken down and piled in a neat little pile... I couldn't help but run and slide on them... A new game begins!!!  We piled the boxes and slid on them over and over and over.  Chloe is super good at taking turns and we were being each others cheer leaders.  Her little voice singing "go mommy, go mommy, go mommy!!" has rang in my ears many days since then when I've gotten overwhelmed.  

All that was just the precursor to the fun we had after Abby came to be with us!!  They were so hilarious!  I had so much fun sitting and watching their game take shape.  After the games were over, I had a hard time bringing all the boxes to the recycle bin.  Actually, I still have some of them on the porch so we can make another cardboard slip n slide.  :)

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