Sunday, June 13, 2010

She's not a baby anymore

My mom and I were sitting out the back  of the apartment hanging out with Chloe and the sun was coming over so pretty.  I'm struck about a million times a day with my beautiful little girl.  She's growing up so fast, it's moments like these that I realize just how quickly.  She doesn't look like a baby, or a toddler.  She's a child.  A wonderful, amazing child.  I'm happy to have caught one of those moments.  I've gazed at these photos a hundred times or more in awe over her development.  I love this age.  She says some of the most amazing things.  I think I've pretty much loved every age so far.  I adore being Chloe's mom.  I'm enjoying the current moments, making the most of them; and I'm excited to watch her learn and grow and change even more.

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