Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Quotes of the week

"The moon is out already. Maybe it wants to say hi to it's friend the sun. "

While looking in her lunch box at grandma's house:
"I want to eat.... WHAT?? Oh... why did she give me corn? I don't (mumble mumble)... OK. If she would have given me peas or carrots I would eat a LOT more. well..."

This morning when I left the house with Chloe, she had on her waterproof boots and she stepped down into the "snow" and it was all slush.
She said "Wow! That's like... part water and part snow."
I said "Yea, it's called slush. Cool, huh?"
Then we got into the van to leave.
Half way to my moms house she blurted out:
"I really like walking in the SLUCK."
(I'm stull giggling about this one.)

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