Friday, April 9, 2010


A few stories from this last week:

I dropped the leftover pizza box on the kitchen floor one morning this week. I saved the pieces of pizza, but a bunch of toppings fell on the floor. I said “oops”. My mom asked what happened and I said “I dropped a bunch of pizza ingredients on the kitchen floor.” She told me not to worry about cleaning it up so I could get off to work. About 5 minutes later Chloe went into the kitchen to get a straw (to drink the milk left in her cereal bowl ) and she said…
“EEW!! DisGUSting! … Now I’ve got ingredients all over my feet!”

Chloe doesn’t like minty things. Even when sometimes something isn’t minty she calls it minty if she doesn’t like it. Her favorite candies are Hot Tamales though. I guess cinnamon isn’t minty. Anyway. The other morning I was going in to be with her as she was waking up. I had just gotten ready for work and brushed my teeth, etc. I laid down next to her like I always do and we started chatting. After about 30 seconds she said
“MOM!! Your Voice Stinks!”
My ‘VOICE’? …Cute.
Then for a second I thought… What? No way. I just brushed my teeth.
Then I thought. Oh. Minty. Haha.
It’s funny that she would rather smell morning breath than toothpaste breath.

Chloe likes to play games on my Iphone. I get little applications that I think she’ll like. More times than I’d like to admit I get addicted to them, too. So I ended up getting this fish aquarium app that was a bit like a computer game we used to play. She can feed the fish and buy more and sell them after they grow up. While she was playing on this game, she wanted to tap the screen and nothing else.
She said: “Mom… please, hold the phone”
…short pause.
“HAHA… get it mom? ‘HOLD THE PHONE’??”
I love her sense of humor.

I was telling Chloe about a friend of mine at work who really likes gnomes. I’d heard of this joke about a gnome saying… “OH GNOME YOU DIDN’T!!!”
It’s a pun. I love puns. So I told Chloe about it. She loved it too… so all evening she was saying “oh gnome you didn’t!!” and then she stared trying to say gnome for every time she wanted to say the word no.
“I want to wear GNOME shirt to bed tonight”
(you want some water?) “GNOME Thank you”
(where are your shoes?) “I don’t even GNOME”

For bed the other night we read There’s a Wocket in my Pocket.
After we got done reading the book Chloe got really close to me and said…
“Mom. There’s a ZEE-VEE behind the TV” and we continued to make up rhyming words for silly creatures hiding behind things around the room. She’s pretty good.

My mom told me the other day there were hanging out and mom was ‘poking’ all the ‘polka-dots’ on Chloe’s jammies. They were having a great time. Then Chloe started getting tired of being poked and said:
I guess anything that is unwanted is a crime.

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