Monday, March 15, 2010

On her bike. Finally.

Chloe is finally getting ready to try her bike. She insists on all her knee and elbow pads and helmet and gloves. It's quite the process. This time after putting it all on, she actually rode around! She went down the sidewalk and back a few times! She'd been working on steering at preschool with Abby, and I was so pleasantly surprised at how far she'd come!!
She was standing up the whole time and making these squeak squeal noises. She was saying she couldn't do it even as she was doing it. She wouldn't sit on the seat because she said the bike was too big for her. It was all pretty cute. I've got a cute video as well, but I'll have to put that up later. Then she went in and got her baby penguin to take for a ride because it was his first time outside. Shes learning how to steer so good now. :)

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